Customized Peer Monitoring & Analysis

We track peers in the industry and provide valuable industry update to have a competitive edge in the marketplace. We track peers business strategy, product launch, key events, etc. and undertake deep dive of the market/sector.

Shareholder/Peer-holder Analysis

We undertake shareholder profiling, peer group ownership analysis and investor domicile analysis.

Opportunity Analysis and Consultancy

We conduct ongoing research, both internally and externally, to identify communication opportunities and issues. We also provide consultancy on all aspects of the company’s communication needs and all issues that impact corporate reputation. Additionally, we develop a calendar of all the strategic PR opportunities for the company.

Management Reporting & Reviews

For management’s update, we would prepare a monthly status report of ongoing PR activities. Additionally, we would prepare monthly reports for the PR activities undertaken during the previous month, along with the coverage. Our quarterly reviews would help the management to analyze activities of the quarter gone. During the quarterly review meetings, we would present a rolling plan for corporate PR and IR activities.