Integrated Itineraries

We provide fully integrated corporate access itineraries to bring together institutional investors and corporate clients, around the world. We recommend schedules, provide in-depth intelligence on prospective investors and be on-site during meetings to ensure smooth functioning.

Business intelligence content

We study the offerings and industry of the delegation company and perform a competitive analysis to understand various players and their market dynamics. This is a multi-faceted study and includes estimating the market size of the industry, identification and analysis of factors driving industry growth, mapping prospects of the industry, etc. The detailed study of the company, competition and industry helps us to map our delegation company with the right prospect.

Access to right meetings

We recognize the importance of identifying and meeting the right companies, and within that, the correct individuals. Our team has a deep understanding of the market we cover and know the relevant corporates to be approached. Therefore, we strive to ensure that every meeting between corporates and investors provides the best possible opportunity for information exchange and ultimately, investment.

Logistics services

We regard logistics arrangements as an integral part of our corporate access program and pass the actual costs directly to you based on actuals. We are happy to assist you in all forms of logistics including ground logistics, hotel bookings, flights or reservations at a restaurant.

Add-on services

We offer additional meeting services to complement your corporate meetings including expert meetings (government officials, journalists, regulators, stock exchange representatives, central bankers), industry insight providers (industry experts, research analysts, economists, strategists, consultants), and translation experts.