Corporate Positioning & Communications

We help our clients assess where they sit in their industry, and disseminate comprehensive, strategic communications programs. These may include communications relating to management transition, restructuring/turnaround, crisis, and M&A.

Website Development Management

We manage the development of new websites for our clients, making sure the process moves along smoothly and efficiently. We enhance your corporate communication efforts by writing website content benchmarked to best-in-class industry practices and at par with international standards, further aided by proprietary visual appeal enhancements through charts, tables, images, and corporate videos.

Media Relations

We assist in managing one-on-one relationships with most media professionals including media houses, journalists, editors, etc. relevant to the company. We also help in developing all communications to be disseminated to the media including backgrounders, pitch notes, press releases, features, information kits, etc. Additionally, we assist in managing all media events like press conferences, select briefings as well as disseminating information, on a national basis. We also proactively map and create media opportunities for the company along with the creation and updating of media databases.

Media Monitoring

We provide the client with all print / electronic coverage. The entire docket containing the media clippings for the whole period will be sent at the end of every month. The analysis of the media coverage will be included in the quarterly review meetings.