ESG Strategy and Reporting

Current scenario & growing need for ESG Disclosures

Reporting on ESG practices is increasingly important as interest in sustainable investment alternatives grows.

  • With greater focus on ESG performance, disclosure strategies are increasingly consequential.
  • There is a fundamental need to consolidate reporting objectives for listed entities.
  • With more streamlined reporting expectations, companies should more efficiently allocate resources to developing and implementing sustainable ESG strategies.
  • Top 500 Listed Companies in India are mandated to report on Business Responsibility (SEBI mandate since 2013)
  • There could be a real investability dividend for companies in less developed markets that adopt the ESG metrics, increasing their attractiveness to Investors.

Why adopt ESG:

Studies have shown and proven a direct relationship between ESG and financial performance, which has validated the efforts of companies with sustainable business practices already in place, enhanced the interest of investors, and pushed even more companies to begin focusing on ESG and disclosure.

Our services

1) Defining and categorizing some of the relevant ESG frameworks and disclosures.

2) Identifying  tools and best practices for picking the right frameworks and disclosures for your organization.

3) Examining emerging ESG trends and their impact in the industry.

4) Systematic creation and management of a scalable, cohesive, and effective ESG strategy and disclosure.