Investor/Analyst Targeting & Direct Outreach

We market our clients to the most relevant investors and analysts for each company. We would identify the relevant organizations and individuals in the financial community with interest in the company and the sector. Additionally, we would build, maintain and continuously update these lists.

Non-Deal Roadshows

We arrange in-person meetings and calls with appropriate investment professionals throughout the world, always mindful of making the most productive use of management’s time.

Investment Conference Access, Prep & Coordination

We secure participation in appropriate investment conferences leveraging our investment banking and analyst relationships. We prepare clients for conference participation, including creating compelling presentations and providing meeting intelligence.

Presentation and Q&A Coaching

We assess each management team’s presenting experience and style, and coach them to help them tell their company’s story most effectively. Additionally, we discuss potential questions and advise on responses.

Analyst Meet/Conference Calls/Fund and Managers Meet

We organize and implement a well-attended, effective analyst meet/conference calls/fund and managers meet and follow up with attendees to obtain feedback.

Relationship-Building in Investment Community

We maintain ongoing contact with analysts and investors and serve as a trusted source of information. We also assist the company in managing relationships with these individuals and organizations.

Investor/Analyst Relations Advisory

Having worked with many companies and their investment community audiences for over a decade, we leverage that experience to counsel our clients on interactions and relations with their stakeholders.