Build Corporate Reputation

Build, enhance and nurture corporate reputation, consistent with the company’s vision, strengths, strategy and plans amongst key target groups including customers, investors, potential employees, opinion influencers and regulatory authorities

Support marketing

Support marketing and other strategic initiatives Understand how analysts and fund managers are perceiving the company

Increase Awareness Amongst Investing Community

Increase awareness, visibility and understanding amongst investing community, analysts and financial media about the company’s business strategy and future opportunities

Build Consensus

Convince and build consensus amongst the financial community about the company’s growth strategy and prospects

Improve Tracking

Improve analysts’ tracking interest and stock coverage

Enhance Investment Profile

Enhance investment profile of the company and dispel pessimism of discerning investors

Be Investor-friendly

Emerge as one of the most investor-friendly companies by maintaining high standards of disclosure, transparency and corporate governance

Manage Expectations

Manage investor expectations effectively